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Sean McMahon is a Personal Insolvency Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, most recently with Start Mortgages.  For full background and experience, click the following link

Working Towards Debt Solutions with a Irish PIP

Sean McMahon, a compassionate and experienced professional, established Bounce Back Insolvency to assist individuals burdened with unsustainable mortgage arrears and unsecured debts. His primary focus is on helping clients reach long-term agreements with their creditors, ultimately enabling them to retain their family homes.

Known for his empathetic approach, Sean understands the daily struggles faced by individuals grappling with overwhelming debt. Alleviating this burden is his top priority. Through the personal insolvency process, Sean works diligently to negotiate and secure long-term solutions for his clients, providing them with a pathway to financial stability.

Providing Relief from Problem Debt

We are committed to working in the field of personal insolvency because we genuinely want to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience peace of mind and attain financial freedom. Our aim is to alleviate the constant worry associated with problem debt and the potential loss of one’s home, enabling our clients to lead fulfilling lives without these burdens.

Ensuring Court-Supervised Arrangements

As part of our services, we specialise in formulating proposals through the personal insolvency process. We actively engage with debtors and creditors to secure mutual agreements, ensuring the Courts approve all arrangements. Additionally, we diligently supervise these arrangements on behalf of the Court, ensuring compliance and providing ongoing support.

Achieving Long-Term Agreements for Debtors & Creditors

Utilising the personal insolvency process, we carefully craft solutions that benefit both debtors and creditors. Our approach aims to establish long-term agreements, including options for debt write-offs and term extensions. By considering the interests of all parties involved, we strive to create sustainable and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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